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Medical Tourism in Cyprus

In the heart of the Mediterranean
Combine a relaxing holiday on the beautiful island of Cyprus with health treatments provided at our excellent modern facility, with state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified doctors and trained medical staff.

Cyprus has a competitive edge in convenience and accessibility. As a small island, distances are short for both medical purposes and for the recuperation phase, where you can easily connect to a range of beautiful and serene surroundings, leisurely activities, gentle sports – and enjoy the healthy Mediterranean diet. And with sunshine for most of the year-round, you don’t have to be confined to recovering indoors.

Travel within your budget

Anything you need, in sunny comfort
Also, medical treatment in Cyprus is a cost-effective strategy, as it is significantly cheaper than in other EU countries.
Enjoy a wide variety of top medical, anti-aging, rehabilitation and alternative therapy treatments including ozone therapy. Ozone therapy as an alternative therapy may help the body to cope with many chronic and acute health conditions such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and infections such as Herpes Viruses, Viral hepatitis, Lyme disease.


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We treat the seemingly incurable

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