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By our patients since 1988, offering treatments for a plethora of conditions in the heart of the Mediterranean.
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Uncertain Conditions

Plethora of viruses, germs and fungi can influence your body. We can help.

Treatment for Diabetic Angiopathy and Gangrene

Diabetic angiopahty can be treatable and our clinic can help with that.

After Stroke Recovery

Restore motor and brain functions with the treatments we offer.

Immune System Recovery

Refresh your immune system with natural biostimulants.

Adjuvant Treatment for Reproductive Function

Prepare your body to welcome a healthy baby with the best conditions.

Treatment for Atherosclerosis & Cardiovascular Diseases

Keep a healthy cardiovascular system with our treatments

Microbial Diseases Treatment

We can help with what the antibiotics miss with a variety of treatments.

Autoimmne Diseases Treatment

We treat chronic infections and autoimmune diseases

Pediatrics and Kids Cure

Pediatrics department can help you take care of the whole family.

Anti-Age Treatment and Full Body Detox

Full harmony is not possible if the body is full of toxins.

Liver Toxic Damage & Related Conditions

Clean up your body and system with detoxification and rehabilitation.

Recovery After Chemo Therapy

Restore your body after your chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.

Treatment for Insect Bites and Heavy Metals

We help you remove harmful substances from the body.

Parkinsons’ Diseases Treatment

We treat this autoimmune disease casued by viral and microbial infections.

Rehabilitation After Injuries and Diseases

Expert staff and a variety of services can help you recover faster and better.

Gastro-intestinal Diseases Treatment

Solutions for your bowel problems, with solutions like hydroclonic therapy.

Treatment for Parasites and Helmenthes

If you have intestine issues, worms may be your rooting cause.

Lyme & Lyme-like
Disease treatment

Curing program for Lyme disease pathogen and the germ of flavivirus.

Post-CovidSyndrome Treatment

Restore your blood balance and destroy accompanying infections.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Treatment of Viruses

For many years, we have been successfully treating viruses.

Physiotherapy Department


Physiotherapy Department

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